[AMRadio] KFI Tower Falls...again!

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Fri Mar 21 06:27:56 EST 2008

Well, Spectacular and a bit sad, but at least no one killed, just a few bank 
accounts dented, you can buy another tower but not another life. credit to 
those guys who work on these towers. 73 Max

Subject: [AMRadio] KFI Tower Falls...again!

> It saddens me to report that a single point failure cause the new KFI 
> tower to fall this afternoon around 2:00PM.  I was on site when the 
> failure happened and took a photo of the tower coming down.  Two levels of 
> guys were in place.  The third level guys were slowly being brought into 
> place, in unison, when the failure occurred.  The tower was just under 
> 300' at the time.
> Nobody was on the tower during this phase of the installation and only one 
> person was hurt when the North/East guy structure gave away.  There was 
> some minor damage to a couple of trailers and the top 8' of the gin pole 
> came through a warehouse roof.   Other than that, there is just a bundle 
> of steel and ceramic in the parking lot with some damage to the enclosure 
> wall and fence.
> I won't go into details on the single point failure at this time, other to 
> say that the tower crew did NOT cause this accident.  The third level guys 
> were slacked at the time of the failure.
> I'll be posting pictures on my website this evening.
> http://www.k6rix.com/
> Dino - K6RIX
> dino at k6rix.com


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