[AMRadio] Johnson Viking One Front Panel

Joe Walden w5jdy at intergate.com
Sun Mar 30 19:20:21 EST 2008

Evening all members of the various reflectors,from Joe w5jdy in Okla.   I am
attempting to restore a Johnson Viking I transmitter and need help with the
front panel.  It has been butchered around the mic input hole and has rust
coming through the paint on the bottom 2 inches.  The top of the panel is
not so good either..  I could repaint the panel if an overlay was available
(all the lettering is on a 3/4 inch strip going completely across the
panel).  I would like to have another panel in fair to good condition...
Anyway,I will appreciate any advice...  Email me direct at:
   w5jdy at intergate.com      Have a nice weekend.  Joe

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