[AMRadio] Re: Valiant/Valiant II Prices

Mahlon Haunschild mahlonhaunschild at cox.net
Fri May 2 17:37:38 EDT 2008


My "lurker" opinion is that both should be worth circa $400, presuming 
that both are in as-built condition with a full set of good tubes, no 
modifications and very good paint.  If modified, each mod must be 
value-judged individually (i.e. the 18K 5W external-to-the-VFO resistor 
mod would be OK in my book, but something like a mod transformer 
replacement with an unknown tranny or a re-cap job that looks like it 
was done by a drunken samurai would negatively affect value).

There is no significant operational difference between the two Valiants 
other than the II has built-in wiring/connectors for the SSB adapter.

Just my humble opinion.  I paid $400 for a box-stock Johnson-built 
Valiant with excellent paint a few years ago and am to this day very 
happy with it.


Mahlon - K4OQ

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> What is the going price fro either the Valiant or Valiant II these days? A friend of mine has both for sale, and is looking for how much they are worth(ballpark).
>                                                    Joe W4AAB

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