[AMRadio] For Sale: HB linear amp and power supply components

Edward B Richards zuu6k at juno.com
Sun May 4 22:23:01 EDT 2008

2 years ago I built a 1 kw linear amplifier patterned after the Heathkit
KL-1. A pair of 4-400 tubes in parallel. Except for some minor changes,
it is a KL-1. I laid out the parts mostly in the same places and put the
shields/dividers in the same places. Since I am not into CW, I left out
some of the CW circuitry. However, it could easily be put in. Since I
intended to drive it with a 100 watt transceiver, I used the input
swamping circuit rather than the tuned input circuitry. I added an unun
to better match the 50 ohm transceiver to the 4-400's grids. It runs
class AB-1. I used 4 meters. I bought some aluminum sheet and had a local
shop bend up a chassis and 2 dividers (have pix). I used a piece of 1/8"
aluminum for the front panel (have pix). It is installed in a Heathkit
DX-100 cabinet. I have pix of the front and back. It really looks cool.
Write me if you would like pixs and a schematic diagram. It comes with
all my notes and an original Heathkit KL-1 manual.

Due to bad health, I will never build the power supply to go with it. I
have 90% of the parts for a power supply and 100% of the expensive parts,
including a roll-around cabinet, a plate transformer, bridge rectifier,
choke and HV capacitor for a 3kv plate supply and the transformer, choke,
HV capacitor for a 1.2 kv screen supply. I was going to use 2 power
supplies so I could put the plate current meter in the ground circuit of
the bridge rectifier rather than use Heathkit's method of bringing the 3
kv up to a front panel meter. Also, there are line cord, Millen HV
connectors, relays, fans, 20A circuit breakers, 240 VAC 20A line filter,
misc ceramic feed-throughs, stand-offs, low voltage connectors, etc.

Now the important stuff. I will take $500 for either the amplifier or the
power supply components, or $750 for both. I cannot ship it, so it is
pick-up in Simi Valley, CA or you make all the arrangements to have it
picked up, packed and shipped. Thank you.

Ed Richards  K6UUZ

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