[AMRadio] [AM Radio] BTA1-R Schematic Diagram Wanted

Rick Brashear rickb at tx.rr.com
Wed May 7 15:06:33 EDT 2008

Hi Chuck,

You might check with the David Sarnoff Library as they has a extensive
collection of RCA manuals. I got one there for my BTA1-R2 and it is an
excellent repo that could easily have the schematic enlarged.  The link to
the home page is:


	I recently aquired 2 RCA BTA1-R broadcast transmitters which I would
to put on the air on 160 / 75 Meters. They are both pretty complete and I
have a manual.  I am looking for a good quality schematic, hopefully large
and easier to follow than what I have.
	I have started to go through the circuits to see what I have and
need and a
better diagram would be most helpful. I'm happy to reimburse for any
reasonable costs for copying / shipping, etc.
Chuck WB3LGG,
Cochranville, Pa.

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