[AMRadio] Another Bandwidth Petition DENIED by FCC

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed May 7 16:27:19 EDT 2008

"The present rules allow amateur stations to transmit PSK data emissions 
subject to the conditions that the station transmission shall occupy no more 
bandwidth than necessary for the information rate and emission type being 
transmitted, and that emissions resulting from modulation must be confined 
to the band or segment available to the control operator. We believe that 
these rules provide amateur service licensees the flexibility to develop new 
technologies within the spectrum authorized for the various classes of 
licensees, while protecting other users of the spectrum from harmful 
interference. We also believe that imposing a maximum bandwidth limitation 
on data emissions would result in a loss of flexibility to develop and 
improve technologies as licensees' operating interests change, new 
technologies are incorporated, and frequency bands are reallocated. 
Additionally, we believe that amending the amateur service rules to limit 
the ability of amateur stations to experiment with various communications 
technologies or otherwise impeding their ability to advance the radio art 
would be inconsistent with the definition and purpose of the amateur 
service. Moreover, we do not believe that changing the rules to prohibit a 
communications technology currently in use is in the public interest."



This is hereby documented as overtly stated FCC policy.  Points to be kept 
in mind the next time there is a petition or proposal to impose specific 
bandwidth limits, define emission types by bandwidth, or to outlaw AM or any 
other mode currently in use.

Does the League still plan to "revisit" the bandwidth issue any time in the 
foreseeable future?

Don k4kyv 

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