[AMRadio] Re: AMRadio Digest, Vol 52, Issue 9

Mack Rogers n4vgb at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 19:58:40 EDT 2008

It's in some of the info on the WinLink website.
Specifically states to turn off the busy frequency
check and let your node's traffic flow. Reminds me of
a bunch of drunken CBers with big linear amps. Only
difference is this bunch has to buy their gear from
one vendor.

Pretty funny affair when you stop and think about it.
The first non-amateur application of amateur radio
with an exclusive vendor involved to ensure all the
money flows to the right pockets.

OH well, it was always just another hobby to me
anyway. If commercial interests take ham radio, that's
fine with me, no gnawing of the tongue required here.
There's always hunting & fishing, hot rods, etc.

Mack Rogers

--- "D. Chester" <k4kyv at charter.net> wrote:

> > From: Mack Rogers <n4vgb at yahoo.com>
> > This petition was aimed directly at the heart of
> > WinLink.
> >
> > A data service that is exclusive to those who
> purchase
> > equipment from the provider and meant solely to
> open
> > amateur frequencies to use by non-licensed persons
> and
> > entities, transmitting non-amateur related data.
> That is true.  But I am afraid that if that petition
> hadn't been denied by 
> the FCC it would have been a foot in the door for 
> regulation-by-bandwidth, 
> and would have set a dangerous precedent that could
> have ultimately resulted 
> in specific bandwidth limits for other modes as
> well.
> > WinLink users have been instructed to turn off the
> > feature that checks for a busy frequency before
> > transmitting, a completely illegal action per FCC
> > rules.
> Who  has "instructed" them to do that, and under
> what authority?
> If they are already able to violate  the existing
> rules with impunity, would 
> additional bandwidth limitations be taken any more
> seriously?  It looks to 
> me like there are already  rules in place to deal
> with this problem.  The 
> FCC just needs to enforce them.
> >
> > WinLink apparently has been successful in swaying
> the
> > thoughts of U.S. Government officials to their
> side of
> > the issue using the constant chant of "emergency
> > communications", while one of them is most famous
> for
> > selling the equipment to California yacht owners.
> >
> > Will you be so happy when/if WinLink decides that
> > 1885kc is most effective for their use?
> If the FCC is already determined to let those
> bootleggers use our bands 
> regardles, they could not have been expected to have
> ruled against 
> themselves in any case.  At least now there is
> language on the record 
> directly from the Commission that argues against
> specific bandwidth limits, 
> which could be applied to any mode, and in
> opposition to the elimination of 
> any mode now in use, including AM.  I would prefer
> to see the Winlink battle 
> fought using a weapon other than bandwidth
> limitation.
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