[AMRadio] RCA BTA1R1

Chuck Kembring kembring at epix.net
Thu May 8 18:53:36 EDT 2008

Hello John....
	Thank you for your prompt reply!
	I would love to have a copy of the schematic data. That's a great idea to
take it to Kinko's and have it made to size professionally. I want to mount
it on a piece of masonite and put it on the family room wall wher the action
is taking place!
	I also got some other good repoonses as well....
Thank You,
Chuck	WB3LGG
Cochranville, Pa

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I would be happy to email you a GIF file (1.2 Meg) of the scanned BTA1R1
schematic that i had. I cannot remember where i got it, but it can be
printed using Photoshop to whatever sized paper and printer you can get. You
could take it to Kinkos and have a big print made.

> 	I recently aquired 2 RCA BTA1-R broadcast transmitters which I
> would like
> to put on the air on 160 / 75 Meters. They are both pretty complete and
> I
> have a manual.  I am looking for a good quality schematic, hopefully
> large
> and easier to follow than what I have.
> 	I have started to go through the circuits to see what I have and
> need and a
> better diagram would be most helpful. I'm happy to reimburse for any
> reasonable costs for copying / shipping, etc.
> Thanks,
> Chuck WB3LGG,
> Cochranville, Pa.

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