[AMRadio] Dummy Load

John coleman wa5bxo at gmail.com
Thu May 15 17:36:28 EDT 2008

Hi Rick:
	Some time ago I located 12 - 600 ohm 100 watt or more non inductive
resistors.  I purchased them from http://www.goldmine-elec.com/.  They are a
surplus dealer.  My plan was to build a dummy load by paralleling all of
them in an air vented box but I never got to it.  Some day I will.  In the
mean time that is what I recommend for you to look for.  These are long
(maybe 10 - 12") snap-in resistors about 1" diameter made of "carborundum"
or something like that, with silvered ends for snapping into large 1"
sockets on standoffs.

Good Luck

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I know this has been beaten to death many times, but for the sake of an old
man with a bad memory could we discuss the most economical (very important)
way to provide a dummy load for testing a broadcast transmitter.  I have a
few Cantennas, but they get hot real quick at 1000 watts and I'd like
something I could be a little more confident in.  If I were to use the
proper number of series/parallel non-inductive resistors at say 100 watts
each, what kind of support system would be best to insure at least a one
minute key down time?  Would immersing them in oil or attaching them to heat
dissipating metal with a blower be the better choice?


Thanks for any and all advice you may offer..



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