[AMRadio] W3R-AM, the video

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 08:35:38 EDT 2008

I am a board member at the Radio History Society, and
my primary role is establishing and operating a
replica, vintage radio station at the RHS museum near
Washington, DC.

The board recently won municipal approval for a 160m
vertical, and I bought one from a company that builds
these units for the Traffic Information Service. TIS
is an agency that runs those roadside "Tune to
1610Khz" transmitters.

The company, MoRad of Seattle, was delighted to take
their existing design, fortify it for the 250Watt
level we plan to run at, and build the elements to a
center frequency of 1900Kc. With minor tweaks, I hope
to hit the two crystal frequencies we've got, 1885Kc
and 1930Kc.

This summer I'll be laying ground radials and building
a mounting base for the antenna, and will also
probably revive a doublet that I've had up in the past
to enable the station to be on 75-40-10.

Please listen for us from time to time. We will be on
from the facility seen in the video below. (hit the

If you're on a high-speed internet line, once you're
at the link, then hit the "high quality" option tab
just below the right lower corner of the video screen.

There's no narration just video for now.




Free free to float this link to boatanchors lists and
beyond for those interested. Kindly obscure my email
address to foil the spam-bots.


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