[AMRadio] Test, Dayton

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon May 19 13:59:53 EDT 2008

> Hay Rick...Everyone seems to be at Dayton or wherever. Really not much
> traffic...
> Bob W1PE

I just got back from Dayton.  This was the first one I had been able to 
attend since 2003.  Attendance was way down, compared to what I remember 
about 10 years ago.  You could actually walk through the corridors in the 
flea market without having to elbow your way through the crowd.  Not the 
usual amount of Daytonmobiles to bump into your ankles or run over your 
feet, but there were many empty flea market spaces.  Even inside, while it 
was threatening rain,  it was easy to navigate through the display areas. I 
spent a grand total of about 30 minutes inside, except for the AM Forum on 
Friday and the FCC Forum on Saturday.  The rest of the time I spent outside, 
with an occasional break at the Pub.  Despite the predicted chance of rain 
all 3 days, and thickening clouds at midday on Saturday, the weather 
cooperated and it was sunny most of the time with comfortable temperature; I 
didn't see any rain the entire weekend.  I  didn't go back Sunday morning, 
but the sky was blue when we left Dayton.

Despite the low turnout, this was one of the best flea markets and 
gatherings I had seen in years.  I saw many AM transmitters like Rangers and 
Valiants. Several rack mounted AM transmitters in various degrees of 
completeness.  A lot of parts and vintage/antique stuff.  Probably at least 
as much of that kind of stuff as  SSB transceivers and leenyars.  Very 
little computer scrap.

I didn't come back with a tremendous lot, but if this had been 20 years ago, 
the car would have been loaded and dragging the ground.  I am much more 
selective about what I pick up these days, since I already have one or more 
of many of the more desirable items I ran across, but limited space for more 

I ran into a lot of people this time whom I have talked to over the air, but 
didn't remember ever meeting in person.

At the FCC forum, the subject of Winlink came up in the Q-A discussion at 
the end, and what I found interesting was that one of the speakers made a 
comment about how the FCC regulates emission types, not protocol, and went 
on to say that AM, FM, SSB, CW, etc were all legal modes, and then continued 
the discussion regarding digital stuff.  Note that he mentioned AM first on 
his list. Something else that I found encouraging was his comment that 
"there isn't much going" on right now in the rulemaking department.  It 
looks like amateur radio in general, and AM in particular, are pretty much 
flying under the radar at the FCC for the moment.

I was a little disappointed at the turnout at the Saturday evening AM 
get-together at the Marion's Pizza.  Many of those I had run into during the 
day and who said they planned to come, didn't show up.  We did manage to 
fill a couple of tables, but they were separated.  Apparently another group 
of people already had the side  room nailed down.



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