[AMRadio] Re: Kanthal Globar Resistors Re: Want to purchase!

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed May 21 11:11:42 EDT 2008

I suppose I lucked out with my Glo-bar resistors.  They were given to me in 
the mid 80's along with a pile of other stuff by a retired medical doctor no 
more than a couple of weeks before his death.  He had sold his "good stuff" 
(SSB transceiver, etc), and let me and another ham have his "junk" for 
hauling away.  He had bought the resistors in 1947 as military surplus, new 
in the box along with the receipt, and apparently kept them on hand all 
those years but never got round to doing anything with them.  I already had 
plenty of clamps to hold the ends - just like cartridge fuses.  I assembled 
them in a circle, with the resistors mounted vertically and wired in 
parallel a few years ago.  Mine seem to  be much better than 10%.  Each one 
measures 50 ohms spot-on.  The total resistance is 50 ohms exactly.  But I 
notice that after letting them run hot for several minutes the ohmmeter 
reads a couple of ohms high or low (don't remember which, but I think high), 
but the SWR meter still reads 1:1.  When I got my Gates broadcast 
transmitter, I loaded it up to 1 kw carrier output and let it run into the 
load for several hours.  The resistors made a nice room heater, but showed 
no signs of overheating.  Looks like at to-day's prices, that brand new, 
that load would cost pretty close to a  dollar per watt @ 1800 watts!  I 
don't recall how much the receipt said the Doctor paid for them originally.

Don k4kyv 

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