[AMRadio] Mobile installation

jcotton at excite.com jcotton at excite.com
Wed May 28 16:49:51 EDT 2008

I am thinking of installing my AM rig in my car.  Although I already have a 2 meter in the car, and it is working well, I have a reservation about doing it with my larger rig.  
First, the car (99 Olds Intrigue) does not have much room to install.  I would be cutting away from the plastic thing that goes in the middle of the car between the seats.  I would cut just under the dash.  I hope that there is not too much there.  My son has a 99 Buick, and the space is completely empty.  The two models are the same chassie, I think.  I will be using a ham stick for antenna.
Does anyone have advice for this project or has done a similar project?

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