[AMRadio] Now on 21.420

Ellen Rugowski ellenjoanne2003 at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 29 22:11:12 EDT 2008

I hear W9EFJ (a local), chatting away on 29.022 with another guy, about
R390s, and that's it at the present.  I heard you guys briefly on 21.420.
Things seem to be dying down.  I wonder if it's because the heavy
thunderstorms (which are probably causing this) are getting too close to me,
to access the E layer clouds that are ionized.

I still have to eat supper.  I'll do that, and then check the bands again.
I need to get the FT-301SD hooked up to the heavy duty supply, so I can run
more carrier power.  I also need to get the INRAD, AM filter for it too.

Ellen - AF9J

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> Ellen --
> Mike and I tried calling you at 9:40 but didn't hear anything.
> Mark K3MSB

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