[AMRadio] Tower ID

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Nov 8 12:06:24 EST 2008

I hope someone here can identify this tower.  If you are familiar 
with the Rohn BX series of towers, it is similar.  The Rohn (now 
manufactured by Thomas Shelby) has straight legs from the bottom of 
each section to about 2 ft. from the top where it angles inward to 
mate with the next section.

This tower is not built like that.  The metal and construction are 
the same and the sizes are the same; however each of the legs are 
straight from bottom to top.  They reduce in size like the Rohn 
version but they are angled inward from bottom to top.  The Rohn 
towers require 9/16" bolts in the bottom 2 sections whereas this 
tower uses 1/2".

Also the towers have a number stamped on the cross braces to 
identify the section.  The numbers on this tower is DBX-A-121 to 

Does this mean anything to anyone?  If you know the manufacturer or 
have contact information for them, I would appreciate it.



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