[AMRadio] Tower ID

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Sat Nov 8 12:24:19 EST 2008

DELHI DMX series. Made in Canada.  Come in various grades and  
sizes.  I have a Delhi DMXHD 48, with one extra section. Tops 
out at 56'.  Sections are 8' each less  about 6 inches for 
fitting. Very robust.  Good tower, and some think far superior 
to Rohn.

More info at:


Jim Wilhite wrote:

They reduce in size like the Rohn version but they are angled 
inward from bottom to top.  The Rohn towers require 9/16" 
bolts in the bottom 2 sections whereas this 
tower uses 1/2".

Also the towers have a number stamped on the cross braces to 
identify the section.  The numbers on this tower is DBX-A-121 to 

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