[AMRadio] Tower ID

EP Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Sat Nov 8 12:39:21 EST 2008

Hi Jim,

Those part numbers you quoted --- as well as the general shape of the
tower --- sound an awful like parts of am old Delhi Antenna Towers-brand
tower that I've had for some 27 years here...!

Indeed, I use one to elevate my Hy-Gain TH3 Mk 3 yagi: 48', self-supporting,
with a taper from wide at the base, to narrow at the very top. Each
individual section is 8' long, too...

The part numbers that I have on hand here are similar to those that you
quoted, but slightly different: ex., the individual factory part numbers
used in my 48-footer are DMX7 (bottom section), through to DMX2T (top). Your
part numbers may well be indicative of new numbers assigned to Delhi
products as a consequence of Wade Antennas purchasing the company awhile

Both outfits were / are Canadian-based, here in southern Ontario. Click onto
this website for more dope on Wade:


I hope this helps! The old Delhi's were VERY rugged systems --- I couldn't
be more pleased here with mine...and judging by what's on the Wade Antennas
website, they're even better now...

Good luck, Jim --- I hope this helps you...

~73!~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ


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> I hope someone here can identify this tower.  If you are familiar
> with the Rohn BX series of towers, it is similar.  The Rohn (now
> manufactured by Thomas Shelby) has straight legs from the bottom of
> each section to about 2 ft. from the top where it angles inward to
> mate with the next section.
> This tower is not built like that.  The metal and construction are
> the same and the sizes are the same; however each of the legs are
> straight from bottom to top.  They reduce in size like the Rohn
> version but they are angled inward from bottom to top.  The Rohn
> towers require 9/16" bolts in the bottom 2 sections whereas this
> tower uses 1/2".
> Also the towers have a number stamped on the cross braces to
> identify the section.  The numbers on this tower is DBX-A-121 to
> DBX-B-134.
> Does this mean anything to anyone?  If you know the manufacturer or
> have contact information for them, I would appreciate it.
> 73
> Jim/W5JO
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