[AMRadio] 40 meters

Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Sat Nov 22 19:52:36 EST 2008

My interest in 40M is mostly because a have a severe antenna limitation. I
live in a 20' by 20' RETIREMENT CLOSET!

I live on the 4th floor with my windows facing south. At least they are not
facing North! I have a 40M dipole 6" below the ceiling. The center is in the
SE corner. The hot leg goes West about 18" then turns North. The
counterpoise  goes North from the feedpoint about 18' then goes West.

I can recive on this KLUDGE on contest days. It seems to take current OK on
40M. I need to try loading this thing on 15M also.

I am interested in trying to promote 40M AM activity. But is seems the only
interest here in the PNW is on 3870. And I have not heard anything there in
over 18 months.

But I did hear some weak AM on 3885 this morning. I understand it is a
Calif. group. I have heard them before.

It would be nice to get some AM activity back on 20M also.

I don't know what is happening in the rest of the US but here in the PNW it
seems the only time me or some of my friends hear anything at all is during

Anyway my DX-60 is ready to try on 40M AM!

Bob Macklin
Kent (Seattle), Wa,
"Real Radios Glow in the Dark"

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Subject: [AMRadio] 40 meters

> When the FCC expanded the 80/75 and 40 meter phone segments, we organized
a "bandwarming party" that brought out dozens of stations to help
commemorate new areas to operate AM.
> I wonder if we should try something like that again with the upcoming
departure of international SW stations from the portions of 40 meters we've
been sharing with them.
> It doesn't take much: A few articles in print publications, some reworking
to post the same thing on popular internet sites, and some on-air promotion
to drum up support and notice.
> Hit this link for an example of a 'net posting:
> eham.net/articles/15428
> And these postings to a boatanchors reflector Dec 15 2006 marking the good
> > It was effective last night at the crack of midnight (EST). > The
frequencies from 3600 to 3750 sounded as if a contest > were in process. >
> 73 de Mike W9OJ > > The bandwarming party certainly did take place,
starting right about > 0501Z with phone activity throughout 3600 - 3750. The
most interesting > thing to me was the large number of AM signals and the
large number AM > QSO's on different frequencies throughout the newly opened
segment. >
> All it would really take to debut some additional 40m activity is a
numerically critical mass of people to organize and get on. Someone want to
take the lead ?
> --Paul/VJB
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