[AMRadio] Broadcast transmitter rescue Update

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 Hi Al,

Thanks for sharing the photos and story of the 20V-2.? My first job as CE of an AM outlet in Kentucky was working on a 300J which we converted to the 20V-2 when the FCC gave us authority to go 1kw.? I spent many fine hours working with the transmitter which seldom, if ever, gave us much of a problem.

You have a real classic there.? 

Sri to hear abt the station going QRT and the subsequent dropping of the directional array.

The real golden days of AM radio are all but history now.? 

Thanks agn fer sharing.




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I left the house at 6AM this morning and drove 200 miles to Winchester,
Virginia to retrieve the Collins 20V-2 that was given to me. The station
went QRT Monday and yesterday all 4 320' towers were dropped by cutting a
guy anchor. I was sad to see the destruction of a 60 year old AM site just
so a housing project can be started. The 20V-2 is in fine shape, a few
obvious thing need to be addressed....and it has 48 years of dirt to be
dealt with.

Here are some pictures of today's exploits and I will post some more
tomorrow after I unload the truck and trailer.


Notice the nice wall of Collins  2 Antenna tuning units in 20v cabinets, the
20v-2, the far end is a Collins FM transmitter all tubes.

While I was there today I was offered a Harris MW-5 AM TX ( 5KW Ceramic
tubes, Solid state exciter ). It is up for adoption if anyone has the
desire. I have no interest in it. TX is located near Washington, DC it is

73, Al K3TKJ

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