[AMRadio] Re: transformer info?

Brett Gazdzinski Brett.Gazdzinski at verizon.net
Sat Nov 22 21:27:56 EST 2008

Hello all.
I got a deal on ebay, it looks like some sort of amp or transmitter with a built in power supply, not sure what exactly it was supposed to do, it has a socket for a 4cx250b type tube, a big loading cap, a bunch of octal sockets, rectifier tubes, driver, exciter?

The power section has a transformer, grey, square, solder sealed, oil filled, marked:
edo 06722
Acme T-14034

2850 volts center tapped, scratch70ma.

I am trying to find out the current rating as the scratch is right on the number.
it looks to big for 170 ma.
The thing also has a nice round choke painted all black, no numbers, but it looks like a utc CG102, only slightly smaller.
Its also got a 6uf 1500 volt oil filled cap.

I was hopeing to use the transformer to build up a seperate supply for the mod deck of the 3X4d32 rig (811A's).

The voltage is right, 170ma would be a little light, 270ma would be fine.

A 4cx250 type tube could run at 250ma (peaks) at 2000 volts, in AB1 they rest at 90 ma and get up to 250 ma.

About 200 pf in the loading cap, 160 and 80 meters, or 80 and 40 meters, there was a switch, some parts are missing....

I got it for $45.00 and $15.00 shipping, its got 3 filiment transformers, the HV supply, the 4cx250 type socket, some good power resistors, small adj coils, etc.
The chassis was a hacked up mess, but it was wired ok for homebrew...

If anyone has any info on the transformer, please let me know, i looked through old fair radio catalogs, which had most of the easy to get stuff from way back...I did not see anything like it.

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