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Sat Nov 22 22:48:53 EST 2008

K2JVM is now K2VH. Not sure about the other guys.
                                       Joe W4AAB
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>I sure wish I had saved my old log book.
> I remember 40 meter round tables getting to be 7 or 8 people at once, with 
> people coming and going all day, and there being 3 different qso's on 3 
> different frequencies at the same time, till the broadcast came in.
> The page in the log book would have long lists of calls that came and went 
> over time, many people were regulars every weekend.
> I know there must be hundreds of calls I dont hear anymore, where did they 
> go?
> I have my old card file, with hundreds of people I have not heard for many 
> years.
> Did they all just chuck the ham hobby?
> Some interesting stuff in the card file, like KF9KU, Gill, in Millwalkee 
> Wisconson running a ranger, or Jeff,W4OMX in Virginia who used to run 
> Gonset G76, K4HOL, Ralph, North Carolina, with a globe king, why dont i 
> ever hear Globe kings anymore?
> What happened to Herb, K2JVM in pen yan?
> Bruce, WA3JVJ used to be on with his 'wall of sound' but took his antenna 
> down to put siding on his house and never got on again, the wall of sound 
> has been silent for about 15 years...
> What happened to Bill, W3DUQ?
> I hear Bill, W8VYZ on 40 meters often, he sounds like he is about 120 
> years old, and has always sounded that way for the last 30 years!
> The way things are going, I am surprised there is much of a market for old 
> AM gear, and dont hear many people running the old stuff.
> Brett
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