[AMRadio] Low Power AM?

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sun Nov 23 15:48:18 EST 2008


While the plate transformer may well handle that, you are tuning off 
resonance of the PI network.  That results in tuning off the Plate dip.  
I would NOT imagine that this concept would do the 6146s any good at all.

I would suspect that a reduction of Drive would be wiser.

Bob - NoDGN

Bob Macklin wrote:
> Can't you just run at reduced input by reducing the loading? Then run the
> tube(s) at the CCS rating. The power transformer should take that.
> Bob
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>> George,
>> Good question!  There is NO mention of RTTY operation ANYWHERE in the
>> Apache Manual.
>> I'm also not sure how you can safely reduce the power out put following
>> the tuning procedures, WITHOUT doing some damage to some components.
>> It does just fine on AM and CW.  Mixed results on SSB with the SB-10.
>> Bob - N0DGN


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