[AMRadio] Re: [Collins20VTransmitters] Collins 20V-2 restoration

sbjohnston at aol.com sbjohnston at aol.com
Mon Nov 24 08:52:41 EST 2008

>If you're looking for a way to move that 1300 pounds around, take a 
>at my low-profile mobile base:

Very cool!  My approach for my Gates BC-1T was to put it on two moving 
dollies from Harbor Freight.  They fit the base of the transmitter 
admirably.  Not as low as your design, but no assembly required and 
only about $30 total. - grin-

You can see them being used to move the transmitter through the house, 
then as the maintenance base in the photos at     

You can see the dollies most clearly in their final position in this 


Steve WD8DAS

sbjohnston at aol.com
Radio is your best entertainment value.

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Al Waller wrote:


> More pictures of my project


Looks great Al.  Mine's still "in the queue"...like a lot of other 

If you're looking for a way to move that 1300 pounds around, take a 
at my low-profile mobile base:


73, Bob W9RAN

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