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Ahh!  Those interminably long "borexes" (boring exercises, for
non-Maritime Patrol bubbas!) out of Keflavik in the dead of winter.
Mostly boring except for landing and takeoff if the wx happened to
feature one of Kef's infamous "horizontal snow storms". The crew accused
us pilots of having a plush job.  We earned our flight pay when it was
"condition Charlie" and you could barely see the stripe down the middle
of the runway.

Kentucky Bourbon and seven course meals??  We were lucky to have peanut
butter and jelly or horse**** sandwiches and all the bug juice
(Kool-Aid) you could stand!

BTW those older sonobuoys could be hacked into a two meter FM
transmitter.  A radio shack "police radio"  tuned down to two meters and
an old SSQ-41 sono Tx got me on two meters back in the 60's.  

AM was (still is) the name of the game in talking with the air traffic
folks, but the precipitation static on VHF/UHF was tough on the ears!
HF was all SSB/Data and some of our radios had noise blankers that
actually worked.

Fun times!

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Excellent posting.  Have bookmarked it.   As an example, I certainly was
focused on the details of the Listening Sonobuoy #0390.  Fascinating
reading for a non-engineer type.  What does it have to do with BA's,
about near the same as the Pope with Catholicism I would imagine. You
know some late teen young air-dale or tin can Sailor way back had to
digest some of those manual's details like the back of his hand.  To
have when the balloon went up.  I've listened to old timers who in the
50's / early 60's who during the cat and mouse North Atlantic games
between Navies huddled amid ship in a P-2 or P-3 patrol aircraft in the
dead of winter at night with low overcast bumping along at 500 feet
altitude having to shove those ear bullets out the tube into the seas
and then start their listening routine....without the conveniences of a
oak paneled gentleman's smoking room complete with open hearth fire and
one's select Kentucky bourbon and seven course mean coming soon.  Took
true grit.  I guess ya just had to be there to really know.  

73 Robert W4RL

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