[AMRadio] 40 meter AM 7295

John Tate johndtate at post.com
Mon Nov 24 10:24:08 EST 2008

Okay! Lo and Behold! Calling CQ on 7295 and.... It's 9:18 am in Central
Time land and I gave a few shouts.... I can hear someone trying to return
to me.. my noise is up at s5 with "pulses" hitting up to 15 over but I
can hear my call coming back to me in the static.... darnit now! Someone
is out there! In fact, maybe more than one because I'm getting some weak
heterodynes! I will not give up!  Working nights though so I must sleep
this afternoon to work this Monday night shift... oh man! I can feel we
are going to establish some AM activity.  Come on and play people!  I
hear a Whiskey 8... static static.... de KX5JT 73

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