[AMRadio] Re: Broadcast transmitter rescue Update

Al Waller, K3TKJ k3tkj at qsl.net
Mon Nov 24 11:31:07 EST 2008

As you might know this is my 3rd rescue. I got a Gates BC1-E from WDOV 
in Dover Delaware and an RCA BT1-R from WILM in Wilmington, Delaware. I 
never thought it would be much fun to play with one of these at home 
since I do it for a living...... but these old ones are pretty sexy 
compared to the new stuff I work on. I am really into this 20V project, 
I can't wait to get it on 1885 and get some signal reports.

There was an ATU there that was in 2 20V cabinets but they were destined 
to be reused at some other Clear Channel site. I asked about the Collins 
FM TX but it was also not available. I tried real hard to get them to 
give me the audio chain and the modulation monitor but no luck there 
either. I did get several Solid State 872,866,5U4 replacement modules 
that I will use for trading. I want Mercury vapor rectifiers just for 
the show aspect LOL.  The studio board for this TX was a PRE Airwave 12 
all solid state and space age looking if you have never seen one.

My 20V was built in September 1960 and went on the air in May 1961. It 
was last retubed in 1976 and that was when the SS rectifiers were 
installed. It has been an AUX TX for the last 10 years and has not been 
powered up since it was retired.

The station was WTFX 610khz and was located on 40 acres W of Winchester, 
Va just off RT50. 500w day/night 4 tower directional.  CCRadio sold the 
40 acres to a developer and the station went QRT last Monday. Friday 
they dropped the 4 300+ towers and bulldozers are there now ready to 
know the TX building and old studio down.

I have a manual REV 6 that looks to be the correct one.  Lots of subtle 
changes in the pictures I see depending on the build date of the 20V.

Only issue I hae is a missing insulator on the modulator chassis, 
someone fixed it with RTV????  Other than that it is just dirty.



VJB wrote:
> Nice set of pictures, Al.
> Someone elected to use the JAN version of the Eimac 4-400, at least a couple of examples out of the four in there. So what if the tubes are 20+ years old.
> Did you catch any other loot out of there?  Nice that they sent along some spare tube stock, that's always helpful.
> Let me know if you've got the book for that transmitter -- I may have one or a copy around here somewhere.
> So what becomes of the station? Is this also a studio site that they are tearing down to produce more toxic mortgages?  It would be way cool if the station also has, say, a Collins tube board or something from the period to bolt up to the 20V2.
> Mike, W8BAC has this beauty driving a 20V3.
> http://www.wa3vjb.com/pics/VTN%27s212.jpg
> His transmitter rescue story is here:
> http://www.w8bac.com/
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