[AMRadio] FW: Terrific old 1937 news-reel clip!

Peter Wittenberg k2lrc at k2lrc.com
Mon Nov 24 11:40:41 EST 2008

Bob, I tried it and the link is not working. Thanks anyway...

-73-  Peter K2LRC

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Subject: [AMRadio] FW: Terrific old 1937 news-reel clip!

Hi All.. I just watched this video. This is one
that should be seen by every school student in the
US. It is simple to the point and super
educational. Would also be good for all the new
hams to see.. I wonder how many new hams do not
understand the real story of radio, This sure
tells it in easy to understand terms... Thanks to
Steve W5SAW for sharing this...

Very Best 73's,

Bob W1PE


For those of you who might be wondering, here's an
explanation of how 
radio works.  It is an old 1937 "Jam Handy" news
reel which was probably 
run in theaters as a short feature.  What a hoot!
It shows a 
transmitter engineer with slicked-back hair
wearing a business suit and 
tie while taking readings on an ancient

Check it out:

73 de W5SAW, Steve

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