[AMRadio] I'll vote for 7190

George Brand georgeb at i2k.net
Mon Nov 24 13:24:26 EST 2008

Some folks forget this is a fraternity of like minded people. I'm still a
member of a club that has more than a few people that are greatly impressed
with their "superior" license class....the club is dying.... I wonder why?

The new club I'm in was made up of folks who believe in mentoring and
helping each other. I just stepped down as reigning old fogey <g> to hand
the reins over to a younger generation having taught them the basics of
EMCOMM and they're going to plain take off...very satisfying and they've
already made changes, already planning for field day next year, the SET,
expandiing our digital reach. Our small rural county now has new operational
VHF gear in the EOC that works beyond our highest hopes. After the first
drill, last month, the County EM sat there in awe, looked at me and said,
"George, it's been a long ten years to get this set up, it works really
well, what do we need for HF?" He also made note we have enough trained ops
to pull this off instead of just two of us.

I'd use a stronger term but this is an open list. Those who ignore licensees
"lower" than themselves miss so much of the hobby. Some of the best MARS ops
are...TECHs!  MARS is class blind, my son is a Novice class and would have
had the same full spectrum priviledges as I do had he stayed in and become a
full member.   So ignore 'em and have fun...

BTW, some of the biggest LIDS are Extras

George is now decending from the soapbox..............have a hankering for
some Ancient Modulation tonite.

George  WA8SCO


Unfortunately that sentiment is NOT felt by all.

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