[AMRadio] Licensing

John coleman wa5bxo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 19:36:10 EST 2008

Hey Bret, 
	I can relate a little as I was licensed back around 63 and it was
tough for me to do the 13 wpm to go from novice to general.  But I finally
did it about a month or two before the novice expired while I was in high
school.  Then while in the military and stationed at Randolph AFB they
started the incentive licensing thing.  Well I could take just the written
test to go to advance class and that meant I could stay on 3845 where we
once used to hang out.  So I got permission from the NCOIC, then a work
friend and I went to Houston to the federal building to test, he for his
general and me for advanced.  All went well and I was fat and happy for
quite some time till another friend pressured me into trying for the 25 wpm
code to get extra class.  Well it took three tries on the 25 wpm but I made
it.  This was in about 1975 or 76 anyway they did not have all the digital
and satellite stuff back then, thank god.  So I guess there is always going
to be something we don't like.  For me CW was hard.  I enjoyed it as a
novice and have used it at field day a few times but was never very good at
it.  So I did my hard stuff (CW) back then now it is replaced with stuff I
somewhat make a living at so I really am glad I don't have to use it or test
for it to keep my license in ham radio.  

	I better hush or they will find away to change that.

73, John, WA5BXO  

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