[AMRadio] Re: 40 meter AM freq (Jack Griffin)

Jack Griffin jtg4300 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 25 00:41:28 EST 2008

 Please follow the rules.
Let's not get into politics.
"* Any discussion of politics or political opinions are strictly prohibited unless the issue is related directly to amateur radio."
THANX TO ALL OF YOU FOR THE INFO ON 40M AM. HOPE TO JOIN YOU THERE SOON. Do not hear anything AM on 20M down here in FL.
Trying to get my old homebrew 4CX250B rig working again; has a bad filter cap that I can hear hissing away somewhere. It runs a pair of 6293's in the Mod.
Had to leave my other Class C Amp with a pair of 4-400's up North; that had 5867's loafing away in the Mod. It was all HB from the mike up.
Jack, WA1BRI

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