[AMRadio] NW AM People?

Craig C. Heaton wd8kdg at worldnet.att.net
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I hope something works out on 40 meters. Several moons ago, the late 70's &
early 80's, 40 meters was the band of choice for low powered rigs on the
east coast. At that time I was living in West By God Virginia and running a
DX100B for the TX and a NC300 for a set of ears. The antenna was a W8JK, two
40 meter colinears fed 180 degrees out of phase with open wire, quarter wave
spacing between the colinears. Great antenna, could load it up on 160, 80,
40, 20, & 10 meters with a home brew tuna. 


Those were better days. I'm on a postage stamp lot now and don't have enough
depth for a dipole on 80 meters. So, it's a full wave loop on 80, fits in
the back yard! For 40 meters I have a dipole that runs diagonally inside the
80 meter loop. There is some interactance between the two, but how cares, I
make a few contacts. 


So here's hoping the 40 thing works out. You might listen for AB7YD out of
Seattle, he runs a DX60 most of the time around 1PM our time. When I hear
him, it's somewhere around 7190-7191. There is a SSB group on 7.288 and hate
AM. No one is transmitting on 7.288 but always interfere with a QSO on
7.290. Just another dead air SSB thing.






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Hi Craig,


I know all about the PNW AM group on 3870. I have talked to John (K7RLD) by
email quite a bit.


But I had not heard any of them lately until yesterday. I may have been
tuning in too late. Yesterday they were only on between 4PM and 4:30PM.


I don't have an antenna that will work for transmitting on 75M. That's why
I'm trying to stir up activity on 40M.




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Hi Bob,


You're look'n at one! If you want to have an idea of the AM group on 3.870
go to 




The official 3870 Roster is listed there, Mac keeps it updated sending out
revisions several times a year.






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Are there any Northwest AM fans on this list?


Bob Macklin
Kent (Seattle), Wa,
"Real Radios Glow in the Dark"


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