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Tue Nov 25 20:18:44 EST 2008

Brett said,
The power section has a transformer, grey, square,
solder sealed, oil filled, marked:
edo 06722
Acme T-14034
2850 volts center tapped, scratch70ma.
I am trying to find out the current rating as the
scratch is right on the number.
it looks to big for 170 ma.

Acme Transformers is/was out of the mid southern tier of NY state 
between Binghamton and Jamestown.
  They made a lot of OEM transformers. Might still be in business.
Awhile ago I remember someone discussing, or maybe in an article I 
read, that the way to test a transformer for current capability was to 
load the secondary and measure the voltage drop. There was a percentage 
of drop quoted as being the allowable limit but it was too long ago for 
me to remember what that was.
  Maybe someone else can find that info. It is probably in one of my 
transformer engineering books but they are all packed in storage.

  I have a similiar mystery home brew that is a 6 meter AM transmitter 
using a pair of 6146s to modulate an 829B in PP. The VFO is only a 
doubler and has a single Xtal socket. Uses a BIG Thordarson Plate 
transformer but it only makes about 600 or so B+ with 2 5R4s. Mic amp 
and mod circuit looks about the same as in a Johnson. Mod transformer 
says Thordarson on the endbell with 6 taps on primary and on secondary 
endbell fiberboards. Overall partly well done homebrew and=2
hacked. Looks like two different people had their hands in it.

Have fun!

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