[AMRadio] 7190 and/or 7195

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Fri Nov 28 14:27:04 EST 2008


You have to take "us" with tongue planted firmly in cheek!

I'm an old retired Sr. NCO.  I am NOT politically correct.

I personally would NOT be upset OR surprised to find SSB on that portion 
of the band.

W1PE Bob, from what I can tell has the SAME style of humor that *I* 
have.  Excuse our warped and sick sense of humor.

I've snorted enough solder smoke, and am snorting MORE during 
restoration of a '51 contract Collins R-390A.  Not to mention keeping 
the BC-610s working!

Bob - N0DGN - Manassas, VA

Stevan A. White wrote:
> Gee Bob (W1PE) that hurts, especially since I asked politely.  Some 
> friend you are!  (hi, hi!)
> Being a broadcast engineer, I understand some of the details about 
> propagation, band openings and one or two other important things about 
> radio.  I didn't mean to start a pissing contest, I was simply putting 
> a tidbit of information on the table, so to speak, so no one would be 
> surprised or upset about the SSB activity on 7195.
> Some of you guys have snorted too much solder smoke...or maybe not enough!
> Bob Peters wrote:
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>> Hey Fellow AM Enthusiasts,
>> I hate to be a wet blanket here but there is a group of regulars, 
>> some of us which go hither and yon in our work, and we entertaining 
>> ourselves on 7195 LSB.  For those of us on the road is breaks the 
>> monotony and keeps us from falling asleep.  The guys are going strong 
>> right now as I'm writing this.  It may not be of much concern for 
>> those up in the NW US but I'm offering this information in the 
>> interest of being a good neighbor fellow ham so please don't shoot 
>> me, I'm just the messenger.
>> Best Regards,
>> Stevan A. White, W5SAW
>> SW Commercial Electronics
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>> Amarillo, Texas 79102
>> Phone 806-681-7228
>> w5saw at pathwayz.com <mailto:w5saw at pathwayz.com>
>> "The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count 
>> our blessings."
>> (Eric Hoffer, American Author)
>> Bob Macklin wrote:
>> Try 7195 as an alternative.
>> It seems these frequencies will probably be regional.
>> Bob Macklin
>> K5MYJ
>> Kent (Seattle), Wa,
>> "Real Radios Glow in the Dark"
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