[AMRadio] 7190 and/or 7195

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Nov 28 18:50:25 EST 2008

Check me if I am wrong, but I believe the Pro 3 will auto notch up to 3 heterodynes.  I have a Pro and it will do that.  The best way to deal with interference is just ignore it or turn up the power (not audio) until your sibilance gives them problems. 

Then nice thing about most SSB signals is they don't stay around for a long time.


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  I think not!
  I often listen on both, and ssb can get right up to an AM signal and not even know it, causing all sorts of racket on the AM signal.

  I was also surprised at some of the modern gizmo's on new rigs, like auto notch.
  My pro3 has this, and it will eliminate a carrier, even when it moves around fast, and it hardly changes the ssb audio quality.

  Every time I hear an ssb signal destroy an AM signal I want to hear, I switch to ssb and cant even hear the AM signal....
  Its pointless (in my book) to fight them, move or deal with it, or turn the stuff off.

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