[AMRadio] RE: 43' Vertical "How To" and Tutorial

M. K. Hess mkhess at frontiernet.net
Sun Nov 30 07:28:47 EST 2008

It might help if I resend the link!!! Thanks!

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Hi All,

I finally completed the entire write up, including adding the theory
section, all the charts, graphs, pictures, and the changes and comments
folks have sent me from the 1st draft review.
I appreciate all the comments, corrections and criticisms that my fellow
amateurs have supplied over the last couple days, and have made adjustments
The color scheme may seem a bit "harsh" to a few, but some of the less
visually acute readers asked that it be made higher contrast for their

I hope that folks find the information useful, and again thank you all for
your helpful input. I will add test data, and performance experiences as I
gather the information.
I'm especially keen on finding out how well it will do on 160, 80, and 40M
AM!!!! 160 seems especially good at the moment!

Enjoy & Regards,
Mike - N3EAQ 

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