[AMRadio] Empire Devices NF-105

doxemf at aol.com doxemf at aol.com
Sun Oct 12 03:38:24 EDT 2008


Would anyone happen to have one of the Empire/Singer NF-105 EMI units?
  I recently picked up the T-A  plug in tuning unit, ( 150 kc to 30 mhz 
in 6 bands with a 455 kc and 1.6 mhz IF),
with the intention of using it for a SDR front end.
   The unit was simple to get operating needing only 6.3 heater and 
somewhere around 150 vdc.
It works very well and has a gain control voltage input that would be 
easy to use for AGC. Using a bias of approx.
minus 3 volts now for manual control.
   What I am looking for is the proper B+ voltage so a small supply can 
be built. The gain control bias would be good to know as well but think 
I have that figured out.

  So, a copy of the T-A Schematic/manual would be greatly appreciated. 
Even just the voltages would help.
Would gladly pay for any copy and postage.

This tuning unit looks like a real nice candidate for SDR/Soft Rock, 
etc use and has a very usable IF bandwidth
just using a simple diode detector into an amplifier. Of course I have 
to use an input attenuator for good overload prevention. It was even 
able to pull out even the difficult AM signals through the SSB 
Pensylvania QSO Party
Thanks in advance,

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