[AMRadio] Power Resistors

John Flood kb1fqg at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 16 11:37:22 EDT 2008

I take it you are looking for the white ceramic rectangular ones?  If so I just picked up several thousand new resistors from a service shop that was closing down.  For the most part they are all "flameproof type" in "RCA " blister packs.  I have 0.1ohm through 47Meg in 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2W, all sorted out now and could look at the power resistors tonight if you havent found any yet (I have up to 25 Watt in these types and some of the power resistors are bulk packed).  How's $2.00 each + shipping sound?  Priority mail should be about $5.00 to you or if there are more values you want, the flat rate box is available for $9.00
John Flood

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From: Jim Wilhite <w5jo at brightok.net>
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Does anyone know of a supplier who stocks a larger selection of 
wirewound power resistors?  I need eight 50 K  7 or 10 watt versions 
and the only kind Mouser has in stock is well on the north side of 
six dollars.  Others brands of the same value they don't stock and 
some are up to six weeks delivery.

I may have to pay that price, but I am hoping for a selection and a 
bit better price.

Does anyone have any leads?



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