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Sun Oct 26 14:28:09 EST 2008

Hi Gentlemen,

More RF amplifier items listed and more coming soon.

E-pay id creatingthefuture. List of all items:

Most anything is also FS in similar or exact duplicate, just email.
Anything you do not see that you want, just email. Some earlier
listings are still available. I have unburied all the transformers,
please email your requests.

Thordarson 7P55 plate transformer, email offers.
Should be a nice transformer for an amp and it's 
not doing anyone any good garage sitting.

Holden Electronics 2x 6LF6 amplifier chassis. FA only 
unless it goes unpaid.

Hindle low voltage, high current transformer, suggest $75.

Millen 90651 grid dip meter, box, manual, cables, suggest $75.

Gudeman 8196-Z 100 uF 4 kV Capacitor, SOLD.

CDR Rotor Controller AR-2, suggest $15.
Vintage RCA Pantone 31 Audio Transformer, suggest $10.

Four tier non-resonating plate choke with threaded 
ceramic coil form. Five available. Suggest $10 each.

Two 2 uf 2 kVDC 700 VAC Capacitors, suggest $10.

Tube, RF amp tube 5894, suggest $10.

All the best,

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