[AMRadio] RE: 160m AA5 receiver to AM Xmtr project

Larry Szendrei ne1s at neandertech.com
Thu Oct 30 11:43:12 EST 2008

Assuming the AA5 converted to the HF receiver still uses a 455 KHz IF,
you'll be mixing the RX VFO with 455KHz to generate the TX frequency.
You'll have to be careful of 455KHz harmonics (the 4th is at 1820 KHz) and
other mixing products that could fall inside the band, or close enough to
it so that they are not attenuated sufficiently prior to being

Mixing the TX VFO (on the TX frequency or a sub-harmonic thereof) 455KHz
higher for injection at the RX doesn't work because the TX VFO is right on
the RX frequency, and that will be all you'll hear!


From: "Theosleaper" <theosleaper at comcast.net>

> I like this idea. Pondered about taking two AA5 receivers (both the
> samemodel for a physical match) modified for 160 and or 80 with the
> local osc of one of them feeding the second one. Then the second one
> has its guts changed to an Xmtr with a converter that uses the local
> osc of the first one as a vfo. What do you think?
Rick, K1WYH

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