[AMRadio] RE: 160m AA5 receiver to AM Xmtr project

Larry Szendrei ne1s at neandertech.com
Thu Oct 30 16:36:02 EST 2008

Cool! You could even arrange a mechanical bandswitch to yank out the slug
or jam it back in ;-)

On 75M it was probably mixing with a harmonic of the local oscillator, as
the image of the broadcast band would be from 1450 KHZ - 2510 KHz
(assuming the radio was designed to cover 540 - 1600 KHz and the IF is 455

The AA5 I'm planning to convert used octals too, which is why I suggested
the (octal) tube lineup I did for it's next incarnation.


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When I was in the 6th grade, I used to take my mother's AA5 radio part
constantly and then put it together again.  (It used octal tubes).  I read
in an article about a "new" ferrite magnetic antenna".  I ordered one from
Burstein-Applebee in Kansas City.  It was a small coil with an adjustable
slug for resonance.  I hooked it up to my AA5 radio and it worked great.
better then the loop on the broadcast band.  Then I discovered if I pulled
the slug out of the coil, the coil was now tuned to the 75 meter ham band.
Apparently the second harmonic of the AA5 oscillator was now mixing with the
75 meter phone signals and producing a 455 khz signal.  It worked great!  75
meter AM stations came in loud and clear.  When I wanted to give the radio
back to my mother, I simply peaked the antenna "loopstick" antenna back on
the broadcast band.


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