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Mon Sep 8 08:16:35 EDT 2008

Paul wrote:

>The more we show a regular presence, the less likely we will provoke 
>who unreasonably question unusual activity.

This seems to be an age-old problem in our hobby.  Some hams are very 
intolerant of anything new or different.  I started hearing it when I 
was about 14 years old and was "officially" called out by some local 
old timers because our gang was "making too short transmissions" in a 
fast-paced roundtable on VHF.

A friend of mine was criticized by an old timer once for "laughing on 
the air"!

And now, a couple months ago some friends and I were accused by a 
now-SK of somehow being a problem for "using voice control on AM" 
(huh?) and "fast turnarounds" on 160m AM.  How strange.

Quite a spread of time between these incidents - about 30 years.

The rule for guys like these is "Any operating style that is not the 
same as ours is wrong."

Do they really feel they own the band, or frequency, and anyone else 
operating is just causing QRM to them?? That's what it it would appear. 
Their style of operating is the only correct style, and if anyone 
deviates from that, and it causes them to have trouble in any way, it 
should be shut down. What a laugh...

Steve WD8DAS

sbjohnston at aol.com
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