[AMRadio] Re: "down below"

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 8 15:18:11 EDT 2008

Point of history -- the voluntary groupings on HF by AM Community has led the ARRL toward published "calling frequencies," not the other way around. So if we want a new 40m place we have to establish it ourselves over a prolonged period of time.

As such, we are again demonstrating such leadership by joining our Canadian friends regularly in the low 3700s.  There has been a recent refreshment to the RAC's voluntary band plan for HF, and it was a puzzle that they overlooked their own countrymen by not listing 3725Kc as an AM gathering point.

It's been called to their attention, gently, and I'm hopeful the next RAC layout will include the listing.  They, and our regular presence along various AM gathering points, may encourage the intransigent ARRL to eventually follow our lead once again.




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