[AMRadio] Zenith 5M04 schematic?

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Sep 21 23:14:16 EDT 2008


If you can read the couplate number you can find the data on it.


I have a pretty complete listing of them should the one you want not 
be there.  I have seen sites that have schematics for many of those 
radios, try using Google and see what happens.  I don't do anything 
with them but there are enough people who do, that there are several 
sites for them.  Try searching Google for Ryder's too.



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> Anyone have a schematic for a Zenith 5M04 AM radio chassis?   It 
> is a 5-tube wonder, an all-american-five, and I need to learn what 
> is in the couplate module.
> I understand this model chassis is covered in Beitman's volume 26, 
> page 156,   and Sams Photofacts #794, folder 12.
> The one online schematic I could find, at the excellent site
>   http://techpreservation.dyndns.org/schematics/
> has apparently been done in DjVu format but without the "shared 
> dictionary" file I can't view it.
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> sbjohnston at aol.com
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