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John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
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If in doubt, get out the grid dip meter and see! I don't think it would be safe to convert any BC rig to higher freq without such a check, and you never know if yours had the same choke as the one you heard about. 

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> Hi All
> I've been reconfiguring a Bauer 707 for 160, 75/80, and 40 meter use, and could swear or at least cuss a little under my breath, that I had seen a note on someone's website about the P.A. Plate RF Choke in 707's having a resonance on one of the ham bands. I can not find that site now (yeah I know book marking is a wonderful thing). Anyone know whose site that was, or have any thoughts on the matter?
> Thanks and 73's
> Bill AD5OL

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