[AMRadio] made it!!!

tom scott n5wdz at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 27 21:17:54 EDT 2008

finally made it on 80m am from my new/old qth

awhile back someone mentioned a few that get on 80m in the morns and late afternoons so i took the plunge

lo and behold k5wlt near sequin, tx could hear my 25 watt sraw signal near 30 miles away, and another ham north of ft.worth could pick me out of the noise.  he said he n a few others get on til round 11 and yap...good for local daytime conds...what a hoot!

now if i can get in the habit of doing it more often....ah only to get an amp...i can always dream!

now that fall is setting in conds r holding in later in mornings so good for area wide rag chews!

now for something on 40 am in my area!

tom in texas


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