[AMRadio] 7160 tonight: Suggestion

Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Thu Apr 2 17:45:10 EDT 2009

How crowded was the band? I don't hear anything here in the PNW!

Bob Macklin
Kent (Seattle), Wa,
"Real Radios Glow in the Dark"

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On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 1:45 PM, D. Chester <k4kyv at charter.net> wrote:
> One suggestion. We need to be more careful about zero beating each other
> the 40m frequency. At times in the QSO, stations are so scattered out over
> a 1-2 kHz range, that my sync detector won't stay locked when one station
> turns it over to another. But the real problem is that this frequency
> scattering is bound to be generating unnecessary hostility from the SSB
> DX'ers, and will likely to result in deliberate QRM and other hostile
> actions against the AM'ers. I have already heard the griping, and I'm
> it's just starting. Last night someone tried to fire his ricebox up on AM,
> and kept saying (with extreme distortion), "Why are you on AM down here?
> back to 7290".

When has that ever bothered you before, Don? To borrow your own words
on such matters, 'strap and ignore', 'turn up the wick' etc. I'd agree
with you if folks were scattered out over 4-5 kcs or more, but 1-2
seems m ore related to sync detectors not locking up than to offending
any SSB ops. After all, it's been one of the ways to discourage
anti-AM SSB types from crowding in close to a QSO in progress.

> Remember, we don't own 7160 kHz any more than slopbucketeers own any of
> "their" frequencies.

Excellent point, and all the more reason to use whatever frequency is
open. Hopefully as activity grows, people will fan out and use more
than one frequency to prevent the 3885 effect from taking place, with
20+ people in a roundtable or another AM QSO 4-5 kcs away.

> Because of the limited spread of this "new" phone band, we need to operate
> more like precision sharpshooters, than users of a sawed-off shotgun in
> early evening. With the new situation on 40m, maybe it's time to seriously
> consider a petition to the FCC to further expand the phone band, down to
> 7100 or 7075. Much of the foreign DX is below 7125, and US amateurs are
> about the only ones in the world who are not allowed to operate phone down
> there (not sure about VK's and ZL's). I hear 7075-7125 filled with a LOT
> more foreign SSB than CW.

More space is always a good thing, but it might be hard to justify in
the face of current activity levels(not that we should have to justify
it, but it is the FCC). Think of the nights recently when you, 'HUZ
and others have listened over the 40m band and found virtually no
activity as your reports and charts indicated. With the bandwarming
party on 80m, we saw an initial influx of activity both AM and SSB
after the phone expansion, but very little was actually new users
looking for space. More often than not, it was some group or net
moving to a clearer area, which in turn opens up more space or at
least, helps alleviate crowding by the lemmings in certain congested
areas of the bands.

80m is finally showing several groups of regular AM activity below
3750 daily. It'll be interesting to see how activity on 40 plays out
with the BC dwindling in the lower portion. Considering the overall
lack of activity across the band, I doubt we need to be too concerned
about anyone beyond the usual rabid anti-AM types giving us grief.
Just hearing AM activity is bound to attract some nitwits, even if
everyone is dead on frequency. Of course, good operating procedures
should always be followed, regardless. :D

Back out to get more done on the station...

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4
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