[AMRadio] 7160 tonight: Suggestion

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   I don't like drifting. Ever since getting interested in Amateur Radio 
as a kid, frequency accuracy and stability has always been a major 
concern to me.
  Am currently using a PTS 040 synth to drive the Viking II. It is 
zero-beat cal within a cycle or so of WWV and with a TCXO reference it 
stays put.  Can't swish with it but just a couple knob clicks and I am 
wherever I need to be.
  The synth cost me about the same as 122s go for on E-Bay.

KB3DKS in 1 Land

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I see this all over, and its just poor operating practice.

Some guys will be 2 or even 3 KHz low, someone else might be 1 or 2 KHz
high, some guys are overmodulating and/or have no restrictions on the 
end of the audio, and the qso is 10 KHz wide, which is rude.

Not so important on an empty band, but still poor operating practice 

I know its hard to keep some rigs on frequency, you need to zero beat 

When I had the drake R4C, sometimes I only heard one guy in a qso, the 
guy was out of the passband!


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