[AMRadio] Halli SX-24

n9jcq at aol.com n9jcq at aol.com
Fri Apr 3 15:09:43 EDT 2009

I stumbled upon a SX-24 on  Craigslist last summer.  I bought it and 
the matching PM-23 speaker for a reasonable price.  The radio was in an 
attic and the chassis must have half an inch of dirt/dust.  I was 
wondering what the general thought is about the SX-24 as a ham receiver 
rather than a shortwave receiver.  I was going to use this radio as my 
first Boatanchor recover/restoration.  However, if it's not much of a 
receiver, I may just let it sit...  Anyone tackle this  radio or it's 
big brother, the SX-25?  Who makes the best copies of the 
schematics/owners manual?
Joe, N9JCQ

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