[AMRadio] 7160Kc - The Video

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Sat Apr 4 08:19:17 EDT 2009

Paul, That is great..Nice work..Guess that I need
to start doing some recording...

Bob W1PE

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We were talking Friday night about the idea of
making a compilation video to show AM stations and
how they sound. Here's an attempt.

Ideally, several of us in a good solid signal QSO
could record our own transmission and reception,
and we could "compile" the segments with
transitions that would show an operator as he
speaks, and then how he is heard at the other end.

Any of today's point-and-shoot JPEG cameras can do
the job. This, for example was shot with a Canon
A720IS. A good sized memory card (minimum 2Gb,
preferably 4Gb) could capture several old buzzard
transmissions and receptions.


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