[AMRadio] How about QSO with japanese AM fan

TS mahalo_2005_kealani at inter7.jp
Sat Apr 4 12:40:24 EDT 2009

Hi everyone AMer in US, Nict to know you in this mail.
 I am Tim, now live in Japan.
As you know Japanese band plan expand from 7000KHz to 7100 to 7000 to 7200
as same as that in US
from Mar.30. Tough some of this ML member succeeded to JA stns,
I would like to make sure the first QSO beteen 7100 to 7100.
I could just have a ground plane and running only 50watts as a portable
If you some Amer lives with Big gun like great amp and great antenna,
Please QSO with me?
Let me send email would be appreciated.
Now in Japan, there are many illegal westward countries broadcasting then
I hope to QRV except some frequecy they suppressed my receiver.
Best regards,

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